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Summer 2019

CER became proud sponsor's of Danderyd SK's Boys 14 attending "Gothia Cup" 2019 - the worlds largest and most international youth football tournament, held in Gothenburg!

Getting involved in children’s conditions other than in the football field and outside Sweden has always been an important part in the Gothia Cup. Founders want to make a difference and as a participant or sponsor in the Gothia Cup, you will help make the world a little better.

Each year, around 1700 teams from 80 nations take part and they play 4500 games on 110 fields, an amazing effort to meet from various countries around the world!

We thank the leaders and parents for their great engagement during the tournament and would be happy to contribute again. //Eva

25 projects done

Amongst our contributions:

A swing for handicapped children, equipment for sports activities, 

cooking classes and summer camps.

200 children so far

We also work with individual based support since all children have different needs. Such as bicycles, individual activities, clothing, school supplies or paint to restore their housing.

Helping Estonian Children Homes since 2012

We have given financial support to 4 orphanages and shelters in Viljandi, Koeru and Tallinn. For children who have not had equal right to security and their parents by their side.

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SA Perekodu

A large children care center in Viljandi, 220km outside of Tallinn. Around 70 children with a mix of orphans and disabled children. SA Perekodu has great facilities for rehabilitation. We have donated a handicap swing and yearly donations for paint and brushes for their rehabilitation project to repaint their housing.

Koeru Perekodu

A small children care center in Koeru country side, 120km outside of Tallinn. Between 15-20 children in the ages of 6-21. These children have a mixed background but all with related parental substance abuse. We have donated sports equipment, bicycles, fridge and freezer and done necessary renovation work.  

Peeteli Kirik

Our latest project. Bethel Congregation Center in Tallinn is working with rehabilitation of street kids getting them back to school and a normal lifestyle. This organisation have various options such as day care center, housing 24/7, homework support in the afternoon. Support from CER has been school supplies, clothing and summer camps.

Womens Shelter Home

The shelter home is situated in Nõmme, Tallinn. The shelter provides space for abused women with children with a capacity for 25 people. We have donated various supplies, soft toys for the first time children arrives as well as renovation work for the facilities.

About Childrens Equal Rights

The association Children´s Equal Rights was founded in 2012 by Eva Wikmark-Walin to support children who have not had the opportunity to equal right to grow up with security and their own parents by their side. For children who have had the courage to fight loneliness, indifference, oppression, lack of emotional and financial support and injustices committed against them. 

This organisation is maintained in the spirit of Enthusiasm, Involvement and Heart, creating sustainable relationships for the children through sponsors and mentors. 

The board of Children´s Equal Rights consists of: Eva Wikmark-Walin (Stockholm, Global Business Leader, HR- and talent acquisition leader), Janar Sutt (Tallinn, Country Manager), Lynn Sutt (Tallinn, Maternity Leave), Christer Wikmark (Stockholm, Sales) and Marie Thor (Stockholm, Consultant).

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hjälper barn i världen


Visit to SA Perekodu 2013

Our contribution to SA Perekodu disabled children 2014

Our contribution to Koeru Perekodu 2015

Visit to Womens Shelter Home 2016

Study visit to Peeteli Kirik 2017

Study visit in Viljandi 2017

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Small Donations add up to big Change

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